Prospective Puppy Owner Application



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Home Phone:         Work Phone:         Cell Phone:

Email Address:

1. Do you desire a Male or Female Anatolian Shepherd Dog?  

2. ASD will be used for:   
If "Other" please specify below:

3.Have you ever owned an ASD?     If yes, do you currently own one / or more?    
How Many?    Sex :  
If you no longer own the ASD, what happened to it? 

4. Please tell me why you think this is the right dog/breed for you and your family?

5. How do you plan to contain this dog when you are at home?   
    When you are away from home?            

6. Where will this dog reside the majority of time?
If the ASD will be kept outdoors, is there safe and proper weatherproof outdoor cover for the dog during hot / cold / inclement weather?

7. Do you have children?         How many?   
Do they know the proper way to act around a large dog?   
How would you react if your child / children hurt the dog, causing the dog to retaliate?

8. How will you integrate the ASD into your life?         
    Are you willing to take the ASD to obedience classes /do extensive socialization / buy toys ?
    What would a typical day in your ASD's life look like?  

9. What is your occupation?  
    Your spouse / partner?

10. Would you be willing to neuter / spay your ASD?   If "No", please explain why:

11. What other animals ( large and small ) reside on your property?
      What are their ages?
      How do you think they'll react to a new puppy?

12. Are you willing to adhere to the feeding program recommended by the Breeder ( until approximately 18 months
      of age)?

13. What are your plans for vaccinations and health maintenance for your new puppy?

14. If your puppy will be a family companion, do you know how to house and crate train it?

15. Do you have the time, money, and stamina to deal with a very large puppy that will grow into a very large dog?

16. How will your neighbors react to a large protective dog coming into the neighborhood?
      How will they react to barking?
      Are their HOA / or homeowner restrictions regarding dog?  What are they?

17. How much time will you have on a daily basis ( specifically ) to spend with a new puppy?
      How much time will the puppy be alone?

18. If for any reason other then health, you could not keep the ASD, would you be willing to return it to the Breeder?   If  "NO" please explain why not:

19. Please provide two references of individuals who know you well. Please include Name / Phone / Email address: 
     *One of them should be your family veterinarian

20.Will you pick up your puppy or have it shipped?
     What is the closest airport to you ?

21. If you are purchasing a puppy for breeding, Why?
     Have you ever bred an ASD or other breed before?

22. How large is your property?   Is it fenced?
      If yes, is your fence at least five feet high?

23. If you have extensive landscaping ( trees / flowers / garden areas ) are you aware that ASD's love to dig?
     Are you willing to secure these areas so that they will be safe from ASD excavation?

24. How many floors (stories) is your residence?

25. If an emergency should occur, who will act as caretaker for your dog?
      Short term :
      Long term :

26. Who is your family Veterinarian? ( Name / Address / Phone number ):

      Additional Comments:

   Thank you for taking the time to complete this Questionnaire.
   We will contact you in the near future!